Provides assistance with payment of gas, electric and fuel bills.

This program normally runs from October through March..



Starting 2015 – 2016, the Energy Assistance Program will only offer benefits if the utility bill is in the name of an adult household resident

All EAP benefits are not final until submitted to the utility vendor for payment. Benefit amounts are subject to change pending review by the local community

action agency.

Actual payment of your EAP benefits may take up to 120 days from the application date.

Even though you are getting help with your utility bills, EAP benefits will not cover them completely. So YOU must keep paying on your bills throughout the year

Once you are approved for EAP some utility companies are regulated by a state law that says you can’t be disconnected from December 1st through March 15th. However, you may be disconnected before December 1st or after March 15th.

If the Energy Assistance Program benefit is not enough to cover your entire utility bill, contact your utility company to see if you qualify for a monthly payment arrangement.

Remember that EAP is only helping you with your heating or cooling bills. YOU still need to keep your water, sewage, rent, and phone bills up – to – date.

Weatherization services may help reduce your energy consumption. Ask what you can do to conserve energy and how the weatherization program might help you.

Keep your copy of your EAP application. It proves you have applied for the program. You may need to show it to the utility company or other places where you are going to get help, like the Township Trustee.

  • You have the right to appeal the process or decision of your application.

Vanderburgh County Application Site

  • Application by appointment only. 401 SE 6th St. STE 001–Walker BLDG. (former Welborn hospital)
    CAPE entrance located on Cherry Street side of the building – Look for the red door.  (812) 492-3928 or (812) 425-4241
  • Customers with “return slips” must return Monday thru Thursday before 11 am

Posey & Gibson Counties

  • Mail-in applications only – pick up application at cap offices:
    1113 Main St. Mt. Vernon (812) 838-4839 or 115 N. Prince St. Princeton (812) 386-6576
  • Applications also available at: Mt. Vernon, Princeton & Black Township Trustee Office in Posey County.


Energy Assistance Program updates March 8, 2019:

  • Appointments are full for the month of March
  • No additional appointments will be made at this time; Customers can call our office in April for any program updates
  • Only customers with March appointments that have a Disconnect notice on or before March 15 or customers That are totally turned off will be served
  • We will refer customers with disconnect notices that are dated after March 15 to other local agencies “Referral Agencies”
  • There will not be a Summer Cooling program this year


Total household income for the past 12 months must be at or below the following:

Number in Household Income
1 – $23,732
2 – $31,034
3 – $38,336
4 – $45,638
5 – $52,940
6 – $60,242

You must have proof of income or no income for all household members age 18 and over for the past 12 months, your utility bill with the account number, actual social security cards for all household members and the applicant’s photo id or your application will not be completed.


  • Utility bill must be in the name of a current household member age 18 or older, the landlord or power of attorney or if you owe an old bill you can’t pay you can fill out a utility affidavit.
  • If a household member is 18 years of age and still in high school, you must provide a current letter stating attendance, a current class schedule or a current report card
  • Home-ownership will be verified

EAP Program Guidlines

APPLICATION: All household members must be listed.  Failure to include all persons living in your household is considered fraud.  Fraud can result in a denial of assistance or repayment of any assistance received.  Make sure to complete questions and sign & date the application.

  • If you cannot provide your social security card, the following documents may be used along with a government issued photo ID:
    • Family Demographic (Office of Family and Children)
    • FSSA benefit letter
    • Military or Government Identification or Benefit Statement
    • W-2’s (For social security number purposes only)
    • A birth confirmation letter from the hospital may be used for children under 1 that do not have a social security card yet.
  • DRIVER’S LICENSE/PICTURE ID: A State-issued photo ID for the applicant.
  • VETERAN: Please provide documentation such as a DD Form 214 or Veteran’s Administration Identification Card (VIC).
  • INCOME INFORMATION: all adults in the household 18 and older must provide proof of income.
    • WAGE INQUIRY (WorkOne no longer hands out Wage Inquiries.)
      • Please complete the enclosed “Indiana Workforce Development Release of Information” for each household member 18 and older in the household.  This form may be copied if more than one is needed.  One form per household member 18 and older.
      • Please provide your most recent pay-stub.
      • Please provide your final pay-stub if you have worked within the last 5 months and are no longer employed with that employer.
    • Social Security Benefits (SSI, SSDI, SSD, SSA) /VA PENSION/VETERAN’S BENEFIT
      • Current Award Letter: Must be dated within the current year.  An award letter dated over a year old will not be accepted.
      • Current Bank Statement: Statement must clearly show “United States Treasury deposit” and whom it belongs to. The bank statement cannot be marked out for any reason.
    • Pension: Most Recent Check Stub OR Current Pension Award Letter
    • Self Employed:  Completed IRS form 1040 page 1 & 2, Schedule C page 1 & 2 and SE if applies for previous tax year
    • CHILD SUPPORT:  Proof of child support payments (Payee’s only).* Court documents or proof of payment on check stub*
  • ZERO INCOME VERIFICATION AFFIDAVIT/CASH INCOME: If anyone in the household has had 1 month and/or more of no income, this form must be filled out.  One form per each household member.
    • Own:  Proof of Ownership (Property Tax Documentation, Land Contract, Mortgage Statement, or Mobile Home Title).
    • Rent:  Anyone who has utilities included in their rent or utilities in someone else’s name will have to have a landlord affidavit filled out.
    • Anyone else does not have to have a landlord affidavit filled out. All Landlord affidavits must be completed by the Landlord.
    • **New this year; if you are behind in your rent or being evicted and your utilities are included in rent, you will not qualify for our program**
    • Current Electric Statement (The Lower Portion of the Bill that you mail back to the vendor will not be accepted.)
    • Current Complete Gas Statement.
    • Current LP/Oil Invoice *The invoice must show name, vendor name, acct #, service address, budget billing.*
    • As each application is case by case, additional documentation may be requested.

ANY missing information may delay decisions regarding your eligibility and benefit amount. Your application will be processed  as quickly as possible, however, in the beginning of the season this could take several weeks. You will receive a letter when your application is completed. Failure to provide required documents may result in delay or denial of your application.

What can you use for verification of income?

Last Check Stub – You need your last check stub if you have been employed full time at the same job for the past 3 months –otherwise, you need your WorkOne printout for the past 12 months and your current check stub. if you worked more than one job in past 3 months, we need the WorkOne printout (all wage printouts are pulled through CAPE – DO NOT go to WorkOne)

WorkOne Wage Printout + Last Pay-stub you will need both if you have not been at your current job for the past 3 months (all wage printouts are pulled through CAPE – DO NOT go to WorkOne)

WorkOne wage printout & unemployment printout if you are not currently employed or if you drew unemployment in the past 3 months

Workman’s comp or short term disability check stubs for workman’s comp and a work one-wage printout if you drew workman’s comp or disability during the past 3 months

Social security award letter if you draw social security, disability or SSI you need your 2018 award letter, printout or a 2018 direct deposit bank statement with the recipient’s name on it.

Pension or veteran’s benefits 2018 award letter or printouts

TANF and Child Support are not counted

Self employed tax forms filed during for current year

You will also need:

  • Social Security cards for all household members (no copies –can use social security office printout and medicare card for soc security number)
  • applicant’s photo id
  • All renters – cape landlord affidavit filled out by landlord; signed by landlord & tenant
  • Current utility bill must be in the name of household member age 18 years or older or landlord or power of attorney
  • All services are provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, or status as a veteran