Acronyms & Definitions

AHP – Affordable Housing Program
Provides funding opportunities to agencies to create affordable housing.

ARRA – American Recovery and Re-Investment Act
2009 American Recovery and Re-Investment Act.

CACFP – Child and Adult Care Food Program
CACFP is a federally-funded program administered by States. It provides funding for meals for day care centers, schools, etc.

CAPE – Community Action Program of Evansville & Vanderburgh County, Inc.
Agency serving Vanderburgh, Posey, Gibson Counties.

CDBG – Community Development Block Grant
Funding provided thru City of Evansville DMD for various programs.

CDC – Community Development Corporation
Corporations developed separately from Parent agency to address specific programs or properties as required by some funding sources.

CHDO – Community Housing Development Organization
CAPE is certified as a CHDO by IHCDA & DMD which allows agency to apply for various Housing development funding.

CNS – Corporation for National Services
Provides funding for FGP program.

CSBG – Community Services Block Grant
Provides Admin funds for various programs.

DMD – Department of Metropolitan Development (Evansville)
Funds various community programs.

DOE – Department of Energy
Funding for Weatherization activities.

EAP – Energy Assistance Program
Funding for utility assistance.

ECHO – Evansville Community Health Organization
Provides health services to low-income Health Care and/or homeless populations.

ECHO – Evansville Community Housing Organization
Develops low/mod income housing.

EITC – Earned Income Tax Credit
Tax credits available to households that meet certain income and household member guidelines.

ESG – Emergency Shelter Grant
Funds to operate homeless shelters.

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
Funds emergency / disaster relief.

FGP – Foster Grandparent Program
Funds stipends for Senior volunteers who volunteer in local day cares.

FHLB – Federal Home Loan Bank
Funding source which provides funding for various housing development activities.

HHS – Department of Health & Human Services
Funds Head Start/Early Head Start.

HOCDPA – Home Ownership Counseling/Down Payment Assistance
Program provides funding for stated customer services.

HOME – HOME Investment Partnerships
Provides funding opportunities to agencies to create affordable housing.

HUD – Department of Housing & Urban Development
Funds various programs.

IACED – Indiana Association for Community Economic Development
Provides housing development trainings.

IDA – Individual Development Accounts Program
Savings program to purchase home, further education, begin a business.

IFPN – Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network
A network assisting agencies who provide foreclosure prevention counseling to homebuyers.

IHCDA – Indiana Housing Community Development Authority
Provides various housing development funding and training opportunities and pass through for various Federal funds.

INCAA – Indiana Community Action Association
State parent agency.

NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children
Since 1985, NAEYC’s national, voluntary accreditation system has set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and helped families identify high-quality programs for their young children.

LIHEAP – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
Funding for Weatherization activities.

OOR – Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program
Rehabs homes in Posey/Gibson Counties for owner-occupied homes.

ROMA – Results Oriented Management Accountability
Annual report submitted by all Community Action Agencies regarding total annual services provided and customer demographics.

SERC – Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers
A state energy funding program that provides funding for solar energy activist along with the Weatherization program at CAPE.

SINE – Southwest Indiana Network for Education
Funding for local Learning Centers to address Adult Literacy needs.

T & TA – Training & Technical Assistance
Funding provided thru HHS for Head Start & Early Head Start staff training.

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture
Funds Head Start & Early Head Start.

WAP – Weatherization Assistance Program
Assists in weatherizing homes.