Housing Programs

Acquisition (Purchase) Rehab Resale (ARR or PRR)
Assists customers who purchased these homes by agency as a first time homebuyer using ARR (PRR) funds

Down Payment Assistance Program
This program is intended to increase the percentage of home ownership among low to moderate income families. Through this program, participants are eligible to receive up to $5,000 towards the payment and closing costs of a home

Energy Assistance
Provides assistance with payment of gas, electric and fuel bills. This program normally runs from October through March

Foreclosure Mitigation
Assists homeowners in jeopardy of foreclosure; individual counseling & working with lenders/mortgage companies on a positive outcome for all

Homeownership Education / Financial Literacy
Certified Housing Counselors provide home ownership and financial literacy counseling, credit repair/ establishment training

Housing Development Services
CAPE serves as a CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization) providing affordable housing for low to moderate income families in Vanderburgh, Gibson and Posey Counties

Individual Development Account (IDA)
Provides income-eligible individuals with a 3 to 1 match for savings to purchase a home, start a business, or attend post secondary school/training

Lead Risk Assessments/Lead Paint Inspections
Provide pre-construction/rehab Lead Paint Risk/Hazards Assessments

Multifamily Housing Developments:
Assist households with providing affordable rental apartment style units

New Construction Homeownership
Assists in providing a safe, decent and affordable new construction homes for first time homebuyers

Owner Occupied Rehab (OOR)
 This program assists a customer to receive repair and services on the home using OOR funds

Rental Single Family Developments (Homes of Oakland City):
Assist households with providing affordable rental apartment style units

Summer Cooling
Summer Cooling program may provide fans for income eligible families through the summer months

The Weatherization program helps insulate homes to lower heating and cooling bills. May be available  to income eligible households