Tobacco Prevention & Control

Working to educate the public and reduce smoking health risks affecting Vanderburgh County one smart choice at a time.

All of the Dangers

  • Secondhand smoke: it’s not just from tobacco products. The vapor that people exhale from using vaping devices can stick to surfaces like car seats, so others may be exposed to these chemicals
  • Impaired Brain Development: both nicotine and tobacco products can impair the brain development of youth due to the chemicals interfering with developing brain cells
  • Overdose and Poisoning: the high concentration of nicotine in the e-cigarette liquids can lead to overdose or even poisoning
  • Youth are the Target Audience: the flavors of mango, crème brulée, fruit medley, green apple, and even coffee flavors are used strategically to reach youth and make them feel like vaping is not a drug addiction

Vaping is not the “Safer” Choice

  • Electronic vaping devices may be “cool” and everyone is using them, but that does not mean they are safe or good for your body
  • Vapes contain high amounts of nicotine which increases heart rate, harms blood vessels, and affects brain development in teenagers
  • Vapes contain more than just water vapor. They often have formaldehyde, heavy metals, diacetyl, and other cancer-causing chemicals

How CAPE Can Help

Our Tobacco Prevention and Control Coordinator is working with the agency’s Minority Health Initiative and other local and state programs to provide education for tobacco prevention and control in our community.

A common health disparity is the use and abuse of tobacco and nicotine products, and currently the use of e-cigarettes among our youth population is a major concern.

Please contact Sabrina Cawthorne or CAPE if you would like more information or help with these addictions.

Sabrina Cawthorne
Directory of Minority Health
Phone: (812) 492-3938
Email: scawthorne@capeevansville.org

Community Action Program of Evansville (CAPE)
401 SE 6th St, STE 001
Evansville, IN 47713
Phone: (812) 425-4241

Other Assistance

Quit Now Indiana is a great resource if you want to get help to quit tobacco or nicotine products at your own pace with no pressure

Online at: QuitNowIndiana.com

Call: 1.800.Quit.Now

Other Local Programs

SmokeFree Evansville Coalition


  • Don’t give in to peer pressure.
  • Take control of your health and healthy brain development.
  • Vapes and cigarettes affect more than just the person using them!
  • Educate yourselves and educate your friends. They may not know the dangers of using nicotine or tobacco products.
  • Know your risks and that there is help not only in the community but worldwide