Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance Program

The 2023 — 2024 program year will start November 6, 2023. You can make an appointment on or after October 23, 2023 online or by calling (930) 212-1991.

We are accepting mail-in and online applications. If you are not “at risk”, you will need to apply online or in person by setting an appointment. However, if you are turned off, you can visit our Vanderburgh, Posey, or Gibson county sites at any time during normal business hours to submit your application in person, expediting the process. Note: this option is only for clients who are turned off. If you have a disconnect notice, please contact the CAPE main office at (812) 425-4241 for assistance from other agencies until your application is addressed in the order received.

All EAP benefits are not final until submitted to the utility vendor for payment. Benefit amounts are subject to change pending review by the local community action agency.

Even though you are getting help with your utility bills, EAP benefits will not cover them completely. So YOU must keep paying on your bills throughout the year.

Once you are approved for EAP, some utility companies are regulated by a state law that says you can not be disconnected from December 1st through March 15th. However, you may be disconnected before December 1st or after March 15th.

Weatherization services may help reduce your energy consumption. Ask what you can do to conserve energy and how the weatherization program might help you. Please read the enclosed energy education paperwork to help reduce your bill as well.

You have the right to appeal the process or decision of your application.

Vanderburgh County Application Site

Apply online, by mail, or in-person with an appointment.

To make an appointment, click here or call (930) 212-1991

You may also drop off paperwork in the drop box in our lobby or bring your paperwork to the front desk.

401 SE 6th St STE 001 – Welborn Plaza (former Welborn hospital)
Evansville, IN 47713
(812) 492-3928 or (812) 425-4241

CAPE entrance located on Cherry St. side of the building – Look for the red door.

Posey & Gibson Counties

Can pick up and drop off applications in the Posey or Gibson county offices.

Clients can also pick up and applications from Black township.

They will email the applications to the Director of EAP, Cindy Balde at cbalde@capeevansville.org

Posey County
1113 Main St.
Mt. Vernon, IN
(812) 838-4839

Gibson County
115 N. Prince St.
Princeton, IN
(812) 386-6576

Clients can apply online at https://www.in.gov/ihcda/2329.htm

2023 - 2024 Income Guidelines

Total household income for the past 12 months must be at or below the following:

45% to 60% SMI
Household SizeOne MonthThree MonthsYearly

You must have proof of income or no income for all household members age 18 and over for the past 3 months, your utility bill with the account number, actual social security cards for all household members or Indiana real I.D. and the applicant’s photo id or your application can not be completed.

Households with all utilities included in rent do qualify for this program.

Included in rent must have a landlord affidavit filled out

We also encourage an ACH form filled out so your check can be deposited directly into your account, and all items listed in the check-off list.

EAP Program Guidelines


All household members must be listed.  Failure to include all persons living in your household is considered fraud.  Fraud can result in a denial of assistance or repayment of any assistance received.  Make sure to complete questions and sign & date the application.

Social Security Number Verification

Social security cards for all household members. (Please note we cannot accept 1040 tax forms for social security numbers due to the fact a lot of taxes are being completed by the head of household.)

If you cannot provide your social security card, the following documents may be used along with a government-issued photo ID:

  • Family Demographic (Office of Family and Children) printout with Social Security numbers
  • Military or Government Identification or Benefit Statement
  • W-2’s (For social security number purposes, adults only)
  • A birth confirmation letter from the hospital may be used for children under 1 that do not have a social security card yet

Driver's License / Picture ID

A state-issued photo ID for the applicant that has a star in the top-right corner


Please provide documentation such as a DD Form 214 or Veteran’s Administration Identification Card (VIC)

Income Verification

All adults in the household 18 and older must provide proof of income

Wage Inquiry

WorkOne required only if the client is getting unemployment

Forms of Income

  • Please provide your most recent pay-stub. If you have not worked there in the past 3 months, we need an income affidavit filled out (zero income form). Please state when the client started the job and if the client works full or part-time
  • Please provide your final pay-stub if you have worked within the last 5 months and are no longer employed with that employer
  • Social Security Benefits (SSI, SSDI, SSD, SSA) / VA Pension / Veteran’s Benefit

Current Award Letter

Must be dated within the current year.  An award letter dated over a year old will not be accepted

Current Bank Statement

Statement must clearly show “United States Treasury deposit” and to whom it is for. The bank statement cannot be marked out for any reason


Most recent check stub OR current pension award letter

Self Employed

Completed IRS form 1040 page 1 & 2, Schedule C page 1 & 2, and SE if applies for previous tax year

Zero Income Verification Affidavit / Cash Income

If anyone in the household has had 1 month or more of no income, this form must be filled out.  One form per household member

Housing Information

  • Rent: Anyone who has utilities included in their rent will need a landlord affidavit filled out
  • All Landlord affidavits must be completed by the Landlord

Utility Bills

  • The current utility bill (lower portion of the bill that you mail back to the vendor will not be accepted). Must be the full bill and the current month
  • If the utility bill is not in a household member, landlord, or Power of Attorney’s name, we will need a utility affidavit filled out and possibly an absent household member form
  • Current LP / Oil Invoice (the invoice must show name, vendor name, account number, service address, and budget billing)

Additional Documentation

  • As each application is case by case, additional documentation may be requested
  • ANY missing information may delay decisions regarding your eligibility and benefit amount. Your application will be processed as it is received. Failure to provide required documents may result in delay or denial of your application